Brewer of the Month

I'm pleased to announce the November dp Brewer of the Month, David Burrows

of Burrows Brewing.

David Burrows got started in brewing from inspiration from his children.  His oldest son Mike started brewing in 2014 with an extract kit that Dave purchased for him for his birthday.  Together they helped serve in the next Parkville festival (2015).  Shortly after that Dave and Mike started brewing all-grain batches of beer. 


Later that summer they both served at the Nanofest.  The following year Dave's oldest daughter Bri  started brewing and entered her beer in the 2016 Nanofest.

Next to start up the new hobby was Dave's youngest son Tommy.  Tommy lives in Colorado and started brewing all-grain with his roommate.

November 2017

Burrows Brewing is not afraid to branch out a bit.  They enjoy adding interesting flavors to their beers.  Some of the most interesting brews Dave and his kids have been brewing include: 


Accidental Snowglobe

Coconut Porter

Accidental Blonde 

Coffee Vanilla Blonde

Blood Orange Saison

Pre Pickle Cucumber Pale Ale

Tiger StripeChocolate Orange Porter

Dirty Horchata Cream Ale

Reinsdyr Lyn Sahti




As you can see Dave and his kids stay busy.   I've not personally tried any of the Burrows brews but have heard  great things about them.  Which is why he is my newest brewer of the month! 

Being part of festivals has been important to David and his co-brewers.  They have served beer in the last three Nanofest.  They tend to do around three or four festivals a year.

Dave loves brewing outside but now owns an electric brewery and has started making plans for an indoor brewery.  As many homebrewers dream of someday brewing on the commercial scale, Dave is building experience and keeping the dream alive.  Only time will tell!

Congratulations Dave for making great beer, branching out, and becoming November's dp Brewer of the Month!!


Dave, Mike and Bri are all part of the Missouri Mashers in North Kansas City.  They all joined over the last few years and have helped the club earn a few more metals to add to the record.