Brewer of the Month

February 2017

I'm pleased to announce Steve Sirois of CallSign Brewing to be our first dp Brewing Company's Brewer of the Month.  I've know Steve from a distance for several years now.  We have had several conversations, over the years via phone, text and in person.  I've watched his brewing hobby grow and grow.  I expect big things to start happening for him and his brewing company very soon.  


Please help support him by clicking here and help fund his dream!

Steve is veteran with a drive to help honor fallen soldiers.  He is very driven individual. 


Steve currently has a 1.5 BBL (approx 45 gallons) Electric Brewery.  With this setup he has the ability to brew a large variety of beers.

Soon he will be upgrading to a 7 BBL system.  He is currently looking for location for the brewery.  I hope it is soon, I'm thirsty thinking about it.  I know it will be an instant hit!

Cheers Steve and contrats on being our first Brewer of the Month.

- David Paige

Here is a video about why Steve is motivated.

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