Brewer of the Month

I'm pleased to announce the August dp Brewer's of the Month, Michael Wells of Eye for an Eye Brewing Company.  I've known Michael for many years.  Like many friends that share a hobby, you meet in strange ways.  In our case it was Craigslist and we were trading homebrew equipment.  Lucky for me Michael wasn't a crazy person and I'm here today to do a write up on him.

Shortly after our Craigslist parking lot encounter we found our way into the same homebrew club.  Granted Michael was a founding father of the Missouri Mashers and I was just a visitor.  I got to try some of his homebrew in a Masher meeting.  I don't remember all the details of his beer but I do remember it being dark and good!

Michael started brewing about 15 years go but has been steadily brewing for the last 10.   He got into brewing by sheer coincidence.  While killing some time over lunch one day he looked across the street and there was a homebrew shop.  On a whim he decide to go check it out.  He asked a few question, liked what he heard and decided to pick up a copy of The Complete Joy of Homebrewing.  The following week he purchased a starter kit.


Around 4 years ago he started entering into competitions and has already won over 80 medals.  

Aug 2017

Here are some photos of Michael at one of his scale-ups.  You can tell by his face he enjoys the process of brewing about as much as drinking the rewards.  If you asked him I'd bet he would say it was a lot of hard work but worth it!

Michael brews on a 15 gallon Colorado Brewing System Electric Brew in a Bag (EBIAB), as seen photo below.  Currently brewing about once or twice a month.  With his work schedule at the fire station he tends to brew by himself on his days off listening to 90's grunge bands (Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Janes Addiction, etc).

I'm sure if you know Michael, you know how fun he is to be around.  He inspires others to succeed and always brings a smile to your face.  With that attitude he has helped a good friend get motivated down the right path.  Michael will be brewing on the pro level this fall/winter.   Our buddy Steve from Callsign Brewing Company has asked Michael to brew some seasonal beers at Callsign.  So get ready to look forward to seeing Michael's beers on tap in North Kansas City!

 Congratulations Michael for being dp Brewing Company August 2017 Brewer of the Month.  I look forward to trying many of your future brews!

- David

"My favorite thing about homebrewing is the community...there's lots of people in the hobby, always willing to help out." - Michael

Michael has had the privilege of getting to do not one but two commercial scale-up brews.  One for his American Brown Ale at Cinder Block Brewery and one for his Coffee Vanilla Imperial Stout at Piney River Brewing Company.  I have had a glass or two of this Coffee Stout and was very impressed.  Very easy drinking beer with a lot of flavor!  


From talking to Michael he's told me he doesn't really have a favorite style to brew.  Right now he is into lagers and sours.

Michael tries to attend any festival he can to serve his beer.  His brother Ryan often helps serve at the festivals.  You can see from these photo's that they like to have fun and go all out when it comes to dressing up for the theme.

Nano Fest '16

"The Big Lebowski"

Nano Fest '16

"The Big Lebowski"

Nano Fest '17

"The Grateful Dead"

Where does he go from here?