Frequently asked questions

Do you sell beer?

This is one of the most asked questions I get. NO I am not able to sell my beer. I currently only make homebrew which you can not legally sell. I do give out lots of samples. Swing by to try something. I normally have four beers on tap.

Is makeing beer hard to do?

Not at all. I tell people everyday, "if you can make a pot of chili you can brew beer". I recommend beginners start out with an Extract Kit. After you get a few of those under your belt than start thinking about moving up to All Grain Brewing.

Do you offer any classes?

Sure! Just let me know what your interested in learning. I normally brew about once a month and make it an open invite for anyone to come see the process.

How much beer or wine can I brew in a year?

200 gallons if you are married or have another adult living with you! 100 gallons for you single people. Even at 100 gallons that would be 20 batches of beer (with a 5 gallon batch size).

How often do you offer a bulk buy (pallet run)?

Depends on demand. Currently I do a pallet order about once ever two or three months. If there is something you need before a pallet order takes place just give me a call.