I started brewing back in 2008 in Birmingham Alabama.  I got one of the 5 gallon kits and instantly fell in love with the hobby.  I used that kit for several years before upgrading to all grain batches.  I currently live in St. Joseph, MO.  I like to say I'm just a homebrewer with a dream of someday selling my beer to the public.  Right now it's just a fun hobby and selling homebrew supplies/fittings.  I've met many great homebrewers over the last few years.  Hope to continue the trend!


I started brewing back in the end of 2008 with small 5 gallon extract batches.  Over the years I upgraded my equipment as money allowed.  Sometimes even trading equipment to upgrade what I had.  I currently brew about once a month time permitting.  Some brews as small as one gallon and some as large as fifteen gallons.  I do not have any current plan to brew a larger size batch.  I brew for personal consumption with friends of course.  I have also started entering into local homebrewing contest.  I feel this will help me brew a better beer.  Just have to get past all the harsh judging remarks.

I now am able to offer homebrew supplies and fittings at a reasonable price.  Let me know if I can help you.