Brewer of the Month

I'm pleased to announce Quinn Reeder as our July 2017 dp Brewing Company's Brewer of the Month.  I meet Quinn this spring.  He came over with some friends one day when I was brewing.  We have kept in contact ever since.  We even brewed an experimental brew about a month ago.  More to come on that brew.  Quinn is a member of two of our local brewing clubs, Wort Wizards and Old Joe Brew Club.

Quinn is not afraid to branch out a bit when brewing.  I'm sure he will tell you he has had some mixed results but is learning on the way and becoming a great brewer.

He has told me before what he most enjoys most about brewing is the community of other brewers in the area.   So easy to bounce ideas off others and how awesome it is to have some of your good buddies coming over on brew day to lend a hand.

Quinn started brewing about four years ago.  Like many of us he started out with an extract kit.  For any non brewers out there, an extract kit is a very basic kit of dry or liquid malt (barley sugar).  Most of us have started that way because it is like having training wheels to making good beer.  Most brew extract kits for a few years then advance to all grain brewing.....


This is where Quinn is a little different. Quinn jumped head first in all grain brewing on his second batch!  I find that pretty impressive and I'm pretty sure anyone out there brewing all grain would agree.  

July 2017

Lets hear  his story!

About two years ago Quinn made the decision he wanted to pursue a career in brewing.  Not to long ago he won first place in the Morels and Microbrew beer competition in Fulton, Missouri with his Kolsch.  Actually the very first Coffee beer I liked was brewed by Quinn.  It was the day I met Quinn.  I was brewing some beer and was having people come over.  Quinn came with another friend of mine and brought me his coffee beer.  As he handed it to me I remember telling him, "I'll try it but I don't like coffee beers".  I still remember how he went from, I have this awesome beer you should try to well crap..... To everyone's surprise because of my previous statement that I really enjoyed it.  I like to joke with people and say it was my gateway coffee.  I might need to try it again (hint hint).

Where will he go from here?

Quinn recently purchased some a 1 bbl system.  As you can see from his face, he's pretty excited about it.  I guess time will tell what direction Quinn will go.   I expect big things to happen for this young guy.  I'm very happy to announce you as the Brewer of the Month!

                                                                                                              - David