Brewer of the Month

I'm pleased to announce Rebecca Pemberton of Short Wolf Brewing as our September 2017 dp Brewing Company's Brewer of the Month.  I've know Rebecca for a couple years now.   Mostly over her posts in a local brew group.  I first heard her name as the runner up to the 75th Street Wort Transformation....right behind me....  So I'm guessing I wasn't her favorite at that moment.  I never got to try her beer but I heard it was very good. 

In the spring of 2015 she met up with the Missouri Mashers.  Didn't take long for the quality of her brews to get better, much better.  She had the support of the local brew group and she grew as a brewer.  After becoming part of the group and few more batches under her belt she decide to compare her current batch to one she made a year before.  In her words "the older one was undrinkable".  It's funny how we all experience that as brewers.  We brew a couple times and think it is awesome, only to realize later better beer can be made.

She started to become more involved

Rebecca got her start into homebrewing back in 2012 with a one gallon Milk Stout kit from Craft a Brew.  She had been drinking craft beers during her college years and came across this kit online.    Her curiosity peaked and she pulled out the credit card.  She used the starter kit for her first several batches.  Up until the point she came across an all grain recipe book.

After the recipe book she bumped up to 2.5 to 5 gallon batches.

She is brewing on a much larger batch in the photo to the left.   More on that later...

September 2017

with the community.  By volunteering for events and other things without truly understanding what she was signing up for.   The first event she poured for was the Waldo Hop Fest in the Missouri Mashers tent.  Rebecca even helped judge the Hot Summer Brew Off.  Last weekend she took the tasting exam to become an officially ranked judge.  Will be a few weeks before the results come in but I'm guess she's a shoe in.


This past winter Rebecca got to do a Scale-up at Big Rip Brewing Company.  For all my non-brewing readers out there that means she won the best beer in contest and got to brew her beer on commercial equipment.   Her beer called Skeptic Red which was an Imperial Red was a big hit at the brewery.

Rebecca brews a lot of Belgian beers but is always eager to try anything new.  She has beer experimenting with farmhouse fruit wine, meads, kombucha, sourdough and fermented vegetables (like kimchi and sauerkraut).

So where did  Short Wolf come from?

This photo is of one of her most recent brews.  This was her first attempt at a sour beer.  A Berliner Weiss designed  with fruit and brett.  A mix of raspberry and blueberry mango.

Next in her brewing lineup is a Czech Pilsner, which if I believe will be her first attempt at a lager and a Bochet Mead (caramelized honey, sometimes called the burnt honey mead).

So your probably wondering where the name Short Wolf came from.  Well it starts the things in life we love.  It Rebecca's case that would be her little dog named Marley.  I mean look at those little

Marley has been around since day one of Rebecca's brewing hobby.   Who better to keep you company than your furry little friend?  But the name came from a visit to the local playground at her old apartment.  Rebecca and Marley were out at the playground and the local kids didn't know what kid of dog she was so they called here the Short Wolf.  Well, it kinda stuck from that day on and Rebecca liked it enough to name here homebrewery after her furry friend.

Rebecca is currently the Vice President of Missouri Mashers and I'm very honored to make her my September Brewer of the Month.   She had earned it and I hope she keeps on her current path.




                                                  - David