Brewer of the Month

I'm pleased to announce the May dp Brewer's of the Month, is a Brewery who goes by the name of Six Dicks Brewers.  The three brewers are Christopher Clark, Vinny Weille and Josh Hamilton.

Six Dicks Brewers started out as a few buddies getting together to brew, drink some beer and from the stories I hear had several "Dick Jokes" thrown-in (pun!  


Let's go back to the start of the group.  Chris Clark was introduced to a man named Jimmy Myers (no longer with the group).  Jimmy was just starting to learn to brew and had brewed up several extract kit brews.  Chris and Jimmy were friends for several years then one day Jimmy invited Chris to come over to help brew a batch of All-Grain.  Like most of the people reading this article, Chris was hooked at that moment.   After a few batches together they started throwing around a few names to call the group.  Six Dicks just seemed to fit, wait.......

May 2017

Express.  Jimmy had went to this local homebrew club meeting and met the duo.  He said that Vinny was "Really, really into brewing".  They invited Vinny and Josh to come over and brew with them.  


Josh love for brewing started sometime back in 2009 but it was 2010 when he met Vinny.  Josh learned a lot from Vinny, he brewed several extract/partial mash kits on his own and joined up with Vinny to brew on several occasions too.


So after the Foamy Express meeting at Foster's Martini Bar the two groups of two merged for a brew day. Only took a couple brews together before the groups became one.  


Shortly later Jimmy and his girlfriend decided to move to Portland, OR.    

So he decided to liquidate his equipment to the remaining guys of Six Dicks Brewers.   They jumped on it of course and continued to grow in knowledge and brewing skill.

that just got weird.  Anyway moving on.   Chris started making the labels for their beers.  The used a logo similar to the one above, which was compiled of their faces and Dick Van Patton, Dick Van Dyke, Dick Nixon and Dick Cavett.  Fast forward a bit in time and the next two guys to enter the brew group Vinny and Josh.  Vinny first experience with craft beer was in a bottle of Michael Shaes Black & Tan.  He was told it was a mix of a porter and a lager, but he had no clue what that meant.   Sometime around 2005 his brother moved in with him and started teaching him about all the different beer styles.  Vinny was eager to learn.  They decided to purchase a homebrew kit, just your basic extract kit, Smoked Porter I believe as the story goes.  Their first batch was a success.  At the time they thought it was the best beer they had ever tasted.  After a few years of brewing they decided to start up a homebrew club called Foamy

If you've been lucky enough to know these guys there's a pretty good chance you've had one of their amazing beers.  Vinny brought me over a Grab Em' By The Beans one day while I was brewing.  It was warm so I put it in the fridge.  I told him I would drink it tomorrow, but warned him I didn't like coffee beers much.  Even though I don't drink coffee and don't really care for coffee beers I wasn't about to pass up a chance to drink someone's homebrew.  I wish he could of seen my expression when I drank it.  


It was truly AMAZING!!!

I look forward to trying the new beer you have lined up this Spring/Summer!


 Congratulations Chris, Vinny and Josh of Six Dicks Brewers for being dp Brewing Company May 2017 Brewer's of the Month.

- David

In this photo you see their current keggle brewery.

"Nothing to fancy, but it gets the job done." - Vinny


Another one of Six Dicks Brewers most popular beers are Double Header as seen in this photo.  It is a Rye Double IPA.  I have yet to try this one, hint hint.