The Electric Brewery

dp Brewing Company brewery is a 15 gallon batch brewery.  The current setup has 20 gallon SS Brew Tech for the Boil Kettle and the Hot Liquor tank.   5500 watt Stainless Steel elements are in each of those vessels.  The Mash Tun is a SS BrewTech 20 gallon InfuSsion Mash Tun.  There are two pumps used in this system.  One to move the hot water and one for moving the sweet wort.  I average around 88% mash efficiency with the system.  The three vessels are ran by PID control panel, custom built by me.  I give a big thanks to The Electric Brewery for info on building this setup.  Kal is a very nice and intelligent brewer.

With this setup I can brew 15 gallon batches of 9% or less ABV, 5-10 gallons batches of heavy beers.



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