Brewer of the Month

I'm pleased to announce the October dp Brewer's of the Month, Kasey Keesaman of Twin Dragon Brewing

Company.   Kasey's operation is brewed and dispensed at Windy Wine Company in Osborn, Mo.   Kasey's brother Kraig owns Windy Wine and was the reason Kasey got started in homebrewing in the first place.  For those of you that know Kasey you know he is a family man first!  Kasey and his wife Christy have four boys, Konner, Klayton, Kollin, and Kameron. What can I say, Kasey likes K's.... 

Kasey with his brother at his side started  brewing about 10 years ago.  Once Kraig started Windy Wine he encouraged Kasey to start a microbrewery.  Kasey and his family thought about it for a bit and jumped head first.  Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork was in the beginning and 

October 2017

on rotation.  Kasey still likes to homebrew when he has the chance.  I could only guess he doesn't have much spare time with having two jobs and four boys.

If you haven't had a chance to try one of his brews you should head out to Osborn and order a pint or two.  I've had a few of his and really enjoyed them.  Think we are planning to head back out there this coming Friday evening!

not fun but I'm sure he will say it was worth it after all the hard work.  Now they have a successful microbrewery that has successfully been running for 4 years now!  They currently have 14 different brews 

Here are some of the tanks Twin Dragon uses in their brewery.  With all the access they have to wine equipment they have found a way to get them incorporated into their brewery.

Congratulations Kasey for being dp Brewing Company October 2017 Brewer's of the Month.   Hope to see you guys this coming Friday!

- David

Kasey grows some of his own hops each year.  Here they are drying out some fresh grown hops.  Only time will tell as to what beer they will find their way into.  I may need to be one of their taste testers... 

"I'm just a large scale homebrewer" - Kasey

Harvest  Time!